You want you're home to be a reflection of you're personal taste and style.  C & J Kitchen Bath Cabinets Granite can do that for you! Our draftsmen work to ensure you're ideas are incorporated within the plans of the remodeling job. So that you can rest assured the project will turn out exactly how you want. 

The Design Process

Wether you are looking for a functionally elegant kitchen or a luxury bath with modern decor.  You're in good hands. What you envision, we design and build. Our team members ensure each phase of the project results as it was envisioned by the client. 

Our Services

Custom Designs:

With our draftsmen you're able to negotiate ideas of custom desings you want done in you're home.

Such as: 

- Pull Outs          - Wine Racks
- Spice Racks      - Walk-In Closet/Bath
- Lazy Susan       - Vanity Cabinets
- Long Johns       - Islands

& More.